Friday, November 16, 2012

From Mint to Gray

The biggest part of our transformation is almost complete: the living room.  Luke and I made pretty good time last night and got the living room and dining room near done with the exception of the wood beams which still need to be painted white.

Unfortunately, the tape on the hardwood floor ended up pulling up some of the stain from the floor when I removed it in the living room, dining room, and hallway.  It makes me sad because the color underneath is such a nice light wood color.  But I'm going to buy some replacement stain and patch up the places where the tape pulled up the color.  It might be tricky to find a color that looks exactly the same, but since the floor isn't a uniform color throughout anyway, it should be okay if it isn't exact.

At some point, we're probably going to do something blasphemous and get laminate flooring throughout.  It's not going to be cheap though, since it's not a good DIY project for us with all the rounded corners on the walls.

Remaining work to be done:  Bathroom in it's entirety, a couple doors and doorframes, spot painting some areas where boo-boos occured, and painting the wood beams. Four more days until Move In Day!

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