Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Let's try this again....

Well, I had all these wonderful intentions of chronicling all our home improvements and then somehow I not only stopped blogging but I also stopped doing any improvements.  Basically, we ended up painting the house and not doing a whole lot more than that.  I have an enormous list of things I *want* to do though, so maybe if I start this blog back up it will motivate me to get my ass in gear and actually do some of the things I had planned.

The most exciting news is that we got married!  We had our actual wedding ceremony on Coronado Beach and our reception in our backyard.  It was basically a dual housewarming and reception, and I think it went really awesome.  We ended up getting a food truck to park out front and we rented a tent and some tables & chairs to give people a place to sit.  Here's some pictures just to show what the house and yard looked like. :)

This is the view into our office from the dining room.
The backyard.  The people to the right are standing in front of the entrance to the studio space.  Yes, our grass is dead.  We have 3 dogs and it hasn't rained in San Diego in months!
Another angle.
Cutting the cake out in the studio.
Front steps. 
One of my favorite details, the door on the studio space.  It has a little door that you can open to talk through it. :)
Our living room has been decorated but I'm still not satisfied with it.  I just don't have a lot of concrete plans for it.

I think that we may get rid of the aquarium, or move it to another space.  It's just not attractive enough and I could put the three living fish in a much smaller tank somewhere else. 

We still have this hideous chandelier.  I'm trying to find something to replace it with, but it's tricky.  I'm thinking it needs to be some kind of non-hanging light since we're not putting our dining room table underneath it (it just doesn't have enough room to walk around it.)

I'd like to find some nice low shelves to go in the corner under the windows, but I have yet to find something affordable and attractive.  I would still like to mount the TV as well, and I want to paint this table white.  And get some kind of curtains or something at some point.....

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