Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Painting Continues....

I'm kind of enjoying this dual life of having two different houses to spend time in.  Sadly, all of my time every day in the new house is spent painting and prepping and getting up on ladders and getting down off ladders and bumping my head on the ceiling and getting covered in paint.  It's all exciting work though (building character, right?) but my muscles have ached solidly since last Saturday and I've about had all I can stand.

The only rooms completed are our office, kitchen and the bedroom.  That Sherwin-Williams 'Frolic' color?  Going to be too bright for our initial plan of painting an accent wall in the living room with it.  So, Frolic will remain but only in one room in the office as a testament to how funky and bold we are.  Meanwhile, the living room will all be Mindful Gray for now, and we can toy with the idea of a hip wallpaper or wall decal at some point in the future. It will also not limit us on whatever new couch we end up buying.

The kitchen is just about complete, and the color we chose (SW Celestial) is simply gorgeous.  Pictures make it look so dull and pale blue, but in reality it's this gorgeous bright bold-yet-soft blue that looks stunning against the dark cupboards and the white backsplash.

The bedroom is also now completed, and it's a lovely purple (SW Ash Violet) and lighter gray (SW Repose Gray).  I'd show pictures but the ones I took were as the sun was going down and they definitely don't show off the colors well at all.

Last night we also purchased our washer and dryer from Best Buy, and decided to go with the LG Graphite Steel ultra large capacity set.  Looks good, great reviews, and I can wash and dry TONS of things at a time?  Sounds good to me.

Today we need to sand and paint all of the wooden beams in the house.  We decided to paint them because the wood color doesn't match the floor and they don't seem to be original anyway.  Luke also wanted an excuse to buy an electric sander, so, yeah. 

So here's our painting checklist:

Bedroom: Done
Office: Done
Kitchen: Done
Dining Room: Not Done
Living Room: Not Done
Bathroom: Not Done

Getting closer, and we move in 5 days!  So much packing left to do as well....yikes!

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